Our Horses


The horses are:

2 Arab/Greek horses (1,48 and 1,50) (Giannis and Fedra); 1 English thoroughbred/Greek (1,52) (Kitty); 2 Greek pacer ponies ( 1,20 and 1,10 still growing) (Astrapi and Keravnos); 1 paint horse (1,60) (Valentino); 1 Serbian horse (1,60) (Hera); 1 Angloarab foal (1,30 sill growing) (Dias); 1 palomino haflinger pony (1,20) (Tsiftis) and 1 Draft horse 1,60 (Rea)

They are regular checked by the vet, and suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced riders. Arena Horse Riding covers more than 4 stremmata’s (4000m2). There is a small arena (22x11) and the riders can ride in there before they go outside with their horses. The stables are run in a professional and conscientious manner with at the moment 10 horses paying individual attention to each animal and ensuring that they are well-mannered and beautiful condition. Most of them are rescued horses and they are trained by Katerina and Ilias.

There are 10 large stables, 1 toilet, 2 wooden kiosks and one tack room (3x6) the half is for storing the harness and the other half, the riders can change clothes if they want and let their things or just relax and have a coffee. There are also 50 olive trees providing shade.







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